It’s sad that I need to put this here but these days bloggers need to cover themselves.

This is a personal blog. The views and opinions expressed throughout this blog represent my own and not those of the people, organisations or institutions that I may or may not be related to unless stated explicitly.

I am by no means experienced in my field and I am using this blog as a sounding board for my observations and ideas.  I am a recent graduate and this blog represents my ideas at a certain period of time, these ideas will grow and change as I learn more. I reserve the right to change my ideas as I develop my understanding of the issues I am blogging about. Therfore I reserve the right to let my knowledge, viewpoints, thoughts and comments evolve over time and to change them without providing reason.

Links to other websites operated by third parties are used on this blog. I am in no way responsible for the content of any other sites, any products or any services that may be offered through sites that may be linked. These links are provided as a means of convenient access to the reader to find the information/opinion contained within those third party sites.

I would legally like to thank you for visiting my blog! 😉

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