Virgin Mobile – Warren Campaign

25 Jun

In the early 2000’s mobile phones were beginning to become the staple of every persons pocket. I was in high school and I fondly remember the first mobile phone my father bought me. A black and white screened Motorola with tiny buttons that played monophonic ringtones. My dad bought it for me because I used to catch the public bus home from school and if I had an emergency the public phone at the bus station was either broken or had dog poo smeared all over it.

I remember girls at my school spending money on buying the latest ring tone (remember there was a phone ring tone music chart?). Most kids had that Nokia where you could change the cover and buy cheap chinese rip off covers around town. It also had the snake game on it that some how addicted everyone.

Anyhoo, it was about this time that Virgin Mobile came onto the scene with an ad campaign that took over the school yard. The Warren campaign. Warren was a stunning nerd type guy who thought pretty highly of himself and in a series of ads informed the nation that Virgin had a 5c rate when you texting your friends who also have Virgin phones. This was very popular in the school yard and most of my friends changed to Virgin to take up this offer. This was cheap for back in the day when we were all on pre-paid phones that mummy and daddy were paying for with 25c text rates.

You could also call Warren himself as part of the campaign and leave a message on his answering machine from memory. I can’t remember what he would say but I remember my friends thinking it was hilarious and calling a lot.

The ads pretty much involved Warren talking himself up and making a series of funny comments in a “dating” video type situation. Remember this was pre Youtube (or maybe Youtube was just beginning). Funny because Warren was the ultimate “virgin” really and totally dorky. We loved him for it. The “Hot Warren” campaign won the 2004 Mobile Marketing Association Awards.

With rememberable lines such as “Enjoy an evening of fine wine and witty conversation with the Warren of your dreams.” “if you have a virgin mobile its only 5c so you can get steamy while still staying thrifty!”, Warren is etched into my memory. On the website you could learn more about Warren and vote for him on the mid 2000’s website of choice “” Even I would fling photos up there to see what the public thought of me. Ohhh the good old days.

Here are a few of the ad’s from this campaign that I remember being one of the greatest. Wi-ki-wi-ki-Warrenator.

Can you remember these ads and your friends being entertained by them?

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