Old Spice. The campaign that never puts a foot wrong… until now

11 Dec

We all know how the revived Old Spice deoderant brand was revived a few years ago with a post modern funny commercial. I won’t bang on about the great campaigns the team have put together featuring the Old Spice Man’s long rants, but this new campaign caught my eye.

Over Christmas Old Spice is running its Old Spice MANta clause campaign through youtube. 1 man 7 billion gifts. The Old Spice man is using his awesomeness to give a myriad of “gifts” to people, places and things around the world this Christmas season.

This morning I noticed he had gifted AUSTRALIA. I was pretty excited and since I know American’s have warped views of our fine nation I thought I’d check it out.


Sadly I was correct that Americans don’t know much about us.

I claim this as the first Old Spice fail.

Do you see the fail? WHERE IS TASMANIA? Sure, there aren’t that many people there and yeah, they are probably all related to each other…. but don’t cut our apple growing buddies off the map! Maybe they don’t buy a lot of Old Spice, but it’s mean to kick them off.

Then I saw this. This is the map of the world showing where and how many gifts the Old Spice Man is providing in his video. Suddenly Tasmania is there. YAY! But… hang on… why are we connected to Papua New Guinea… or is that Indonesia? I think they  have all been combined and shoved onto Australia. We love our neighbours up north but they aren’t part of Australia Old Spice!!!

The funniest part about this is that in the video the Old Spice man is raving on about how he used his greatness to separate Australia from the rest of the world millions of years ago…. on a Tuesday.

The Old Spice Man has clearly made a big error. I dare to say it is the first error he has ever made. It’s a pretty classy campaign that has seen some massive pop culture love.

Heck! Imagine if an Aussie company made a similar video about America and said that Canada was part of the grand old USA. We would be killed! It would be front page news and we would no longer be allies.

I’m on a horse.


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