I want diarrhoea! – My favourite commercial ever

12 May

Does it make you WANT to have nausea, heart burn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhoea? I have never wanted to have diarrhoea this much in my life! I want to buy boxes of this Pepto Max stuff and I wish it was sold in Australia!

Look at the cool bottle and the song! It calls to me. I particularly like the giant gnome when he clutches his behind at “diarrhoea. His face is like “ooopps”.

I’m sad that there is no better quality video of this. It was on TV in America 2006-2007 and I would look forward to ad breaks in the hopes that this ad would come on.

The purpose of advertising is to make you want to go and buy the product. Sure there are ads that make you laugh and think wow that was a great ad… but when the ad is over you don’t remember what company that ad was promoting. So this ad gets 10/10 from me because I know the brand, I know the product, I know what it does and I know that I want to buy heaps of it!

Note to self: Next time im in America im going to stock up on Pepto Max because I love this ad.


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