The Beauty of the Bonus Gift With Purchase

1 Mar
Bloom Myer gift with purchase

Spend $38 on Bloom and get this bonus gift. I spy a make up bag.

Oh yes ladies I hear your hearts beating a mile a minute from here. I just opened the Myer My Beauty catalogue too and the pages of colourful cosmetics certainly makes me smile even though they a) they are terribly expensive and b) I don’t need anything in that book. There is one thing that pushes my mind to the edge of “hmm perhaps I do need $60 worth of moisturiser or eyeshadow” and that one thing my dear readers is the bonus gift with purchase.

What can I say? I’m a sucker for a bit of bonus “value” and most ladies must be too because every second brand has a give away. One thing that stuns me with bonus gifts in the beauty industry is that you get a stack of great bonus products and then they give you a make up bag. EVERYONE HAS A MAKE UP BAG.

I do not want another make up bag. I have drawers filled with them from gifts people have given me, hand me downs from aunties and ones that came as bonuses with shampoo etc. No more I beg you!!!!

Clinique Myer gift

Clinique's latest gift with purchase set at Myer. Spend $60 and get this amazing gift set worth $120. It seriously is a great gift with purchase.... but there is the make up bag...

I get to wondering, what is the beauty industry doing? Surely they can look at their last 10 years of bonus give aways and see that all they ever do is give out beauty cases. I assume they are very cheap to produce so that’s why they make them. If they had a loyal customer that needs a refill of product every 6 months or so, which coincides with bonus buys… that loyal customer would have so many beauty cases they are probably using them to store food in the fridge!

Where is the creativity in this artistic, stylish industry? I think it would be great if they gave away umbrellas or quality key rings or USB drives or a beauty magazine subscription or a photo frame… anything but the monotonous beauty case. Useful, prestigious gifts with their branding on it would i’m sure increase sales.

Note to self: Give myself a high five for self control around the tempting beauty give aways.


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