At the time they thought it was good marketing – Printer Cartridges

3 Feb

At work we get telemarketing sales calls about all kinds of things but the main two offers are phone plans and printer cartridges. Who on earth got the idea that printer cartridges needed to be telemarketed? I don’t know but it is so dodgy. Any way so the other day I got a call about cartridges and the girl was in Australia (in the past I have had some guys from America which was fun for a while and some Indians), so I gave her a few more seconds than normal to plead her case for my time and her spill was basically:

Hi I’m calling to let you know about a great new brand of printer cartridges that are coming on the market soon and they will save you a lot of money. Isn’t that great? I would like to give you a great gift of a $10 Visa gift card that you can use anywhere you like at any store you like just so that you will remember the brands name.

So I asked the girl what brand of cartridges they were and where I could buy them. She said that they aren’t available yet but she wanted to send me the $10 so I can keep the brand in mind for when they are released. (Anyone getting a confused face here?). I said that I didn’t think we would be interested because we get printer cartridge refills, to which she replied that her brand of cartridge (what ever that may be) would be a much better quality than a refill.

Ahhhh. I don’t have time for this telemarketing, I’m busy. I don’t care if she wants to send me a $10 voucher even though it would be a nice freebie. I said goodbye, not worth my trouble.

1. Telemarketing is terrible and good luck getting a busy person in an office to listen to you. I do not agree with telemarketing!

2.  What the heck is the point of selling somebody something over the phone that isnt even available yet and that you cant tell me anything about other than you want to give me $10 free. BAD! Just send me the $10 and a nice letter in the post about your product and then I’d be slightly more interested, but only slightly because that’s a bit dodgy.

What were they thinking?

Note to self: Call some people and tell them I will give them an inheritance from their long lost Aunt Margaret in Nigeria of $40,000,000 if they provide me with their bank account details.


One Response to “At the time they thought it was good marketing – Printer Cartridges”

  1. admin February 15, 2011 at 2:12 pm #

    Hehe everything can be sold via telemarketing.. But sometimes, the calls are so stupid..! :/

    Have a nice day,

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