Shopping Mall Loyalty Marketing

16 Jan

This afternoon my friend and I took a train trip to the other side of town for a change of scenery and found ourselves at a outer southern suburb of Adelaide, Noarlunga. There is a nice shopping mall there so we walked around and had a look. We saw a man in the middle of the mall pressing buttons on a screen and muttering “oh darn it”. At first I thought he must have been standing on one of those mall weight scales and must have put on a few kilos, but then I looked again and noticed a line of people behind him. I didn’t think people would line up to use a mall scale.

So it turned out to be a membership program for the shopping mall called Freebies Rewards. Basically you use the kiosks to sign up to their membership and you receive a card with a barcode on it. You scan the barcode each time you visit the mall to:

  1. Earn points for visiting the centre. If you have enough visit points, you can cash them in for gifts such as cookbooks.
  2. Have a chance to win a free prize each day. Prizes include note pads, photo frames and food vouchers for the vendors in the centre. It is kind of like a pokie machine and makes jackpot type noises if you win a prize.
  3. Print special deal coupons for shops in the mall

Super interesting!!!! People were lined up to use these machines and you can only try once a day to win rewards and print out a value coupon of your choice. It seemed kind of addictive just like pokies with the noises and the thrill of possibly winning a prize. My friend and I signed up for a free membership but we didn’t win any prizes which was sad but we did print out a voucher for buy 1 get one free coffee.

Noarlunga is a lower socio economic area of Adelaide in the most part. This type of free prize idea would be of particular benefit and excitement to this demographic I imagine.

It turns out that these Freebies Rewards machines are in every Centro owned mall in Australia and there are a lot of those. I think that this is a really creative idea to boost customer loyalty and interest in the mall. The free vouchers also boost awareness of various stores in the centre and encourage spending. A really creative and innovative loyalty idea indeed so a big pat on the back for Centro Malls.

People lining up to use one of the kiosks to see if they can win a prize.

Signing up for membership

choosing our voucher

Discount voucher that prints out

If you store enough visit points you can trade them in for various gifts

Some of the prizes to be won

Note to self: Take more adventure day trips to far off locations to discover machines that give freebies!


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