Cheesy goodness now marketed to adults

4 Dec

One of my American friends posted a link to a youtube clip for the latest Kraft Macaroni and Cheese advert so I had a look and thought it was great! I noticed that there is a whole series of these ads (all posted for you to enjoy below). If you have ever been to America you will know just how much Americans loves Macaroni and Cheese.  I have even been to weddings in America where macaroni and cheese is served.

The difference with these ads is that Macaroni and Cheese is traditionally promoted as a childrens food but in these ads they are targeting adults whilst pointing out that it has previously been targeted at Kids. It’s very clever and shows just how much adults really do love Mac and Cheese. It’s basically as close to mass marketing as you can get while still having a target demographic. The kids watching can relate to the kid in the commercial’s story and would find it funny, and the parents would find the kid in the commercial’s story funny too as well as enjoy the parents obsession with the Kraft Mac and Cheese.

This type of marketing is becoming more prevalent as modern adults are more in tune with their childhood and nostalgia than previous generations. I can’t find a name for this kind of modern marketing phenomenon but I will call it “big kid marketing” (See my previous post about lollies being marketed to adults for more case studies on this phenomenon.)

Note to self: Try and convince my mother that my obsession with Easy Mac is actually warranted because it tastes so good… even though i’m sure it provides me with more than my daily sodium needs.


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