Take A Guess – Budweiser Beer Marketing

31 Oct

Today I was out at a pub catching up with my friends who have recently moved interstate. I saw the scantily clad promo girls in the pub court yard and did my usual cringe to which my friend followed with his usual “good times” face. The girls came over and gave everyone on our table a free beer and told us that we were to drink this mysterious beer, that was in a high stubbie holder with a lock on it, and tell them what we thought it was. They left us for about half an hour and the boys went to work with random guesses. They asked for a bobby pin to pick the lock… I tried and it didn’t work.

The stubbie holder featured some clues about the beer inside, which were facts such as the year it was founded, the way it is made etc.

The promo girls also handed out coasters with clues on them… which were the same clues written on the stubbie holder.

So then one of my friends got impatient and started to roll down the stubbie holder and BEHOLD!  A tag that says ” I told you no peeking”. Oh my gosh that is clever!!!! Attention to detail to the max!

I told the boys to guess what the beer was based on the colour of the lock being red and the girls wearing red… as I figured this MUST be a clue. One of the guys guessed Budweiser and it turns out he was correct. Another friend looked up the clues on google on her phone before the promo girls came around and unlocked the stubbie holders.

So the stubbie holders were unlocked. The guys got a free beer out of it and a free stubbie holder that when turned inside out had Budweiser written on it, and Budweiser (and their promo girls) got a good half an hour of the boys undivided attention. A win win really for the brand.

I think this was a very very clever campaign. Alcohol companies have so much money to throw around it’s crazy. This was not a cheap promotion but it should create lasting brand awareness and share of mind with everyone at the pub now since as far as I know, this beer has previously been unattainable in pubs in Australia. The promotion also included cheap “bucket deals” when 6 beers were purchased to share with friends.

Note to self: Write to alcohol companies and tell them that there are items of clothing called pants and jumpers that their promotional people can wear.


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