The Dirty On Innovative Marketing

11 Sep

I was just on Facebook and saw a side ad that looked rather interesting. Usually I pay no attention but this caught my eye (I can’t find it on there now to screen shot the ad).

I clicked the link and it took me to this campaign for Morning Fresh dish detergent.

Buy 2 bottles of Morning Fresh and put in the promo code on the website, pay $5 per item and they will post you a “dirty dish”.

Basically the dirty dish has a picture of a rough looking sexy photo posing guy on it and when you wash it in hot water their clothes change to make them look “clean”. GENIUS!!!!!

I like this a lot! It’s so innovative and would be costing them quite a bit of money however I want to buy their detergent so I can collect the items. Very smart and I like the fact that some companies are willing to take a risk with their marketing. I would love to work for a company where creativity was allowed (and could be funded $$) like this one. I don’t know if Cousins’ in house marketing team came up with this or if they hired an advertising firm but whoever did it needs a giant high 5!

Definitely one of my favourite campaigns ever. I haven’t seen any TV ad’s for it as yet but I suspect they will being popping up.

Note to self: Pray for more creativity and the avenues to be able to let it loose.


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