Like taking candy from a baby and giving it to a big kid. Lolly advertising directed at adults

16 Jul

In the past few days I have noticed 3 ads for lollies directed directly at adults. Strange. Adults don’t eat lollies do they? Lollies are for kids party bags and for rotting children’s teeth and then as torture for kids when you say “no lollies for you”. (The latter is what always happened to me *sad face*)

The Natural Confectionary Company was the first brand I noticed. Their products are very high quality and in past communications they have targeted kids as the beneficiaries of their products but always involved parents in the ads as a way of showing that the products are natural, tasty and desirable. Thus, its ok to give your kids these lollies. 

I can’t find a copy of the ad online but  plot was for their new luscious jellies range which could be seen as quite premium products I suppose. The dad in the ad was making a love heart on a plate with these premium jelly lollies and was going to present them to the mum of the house who was watching tv. The teenage son comes into the kitchen and sees the dad making his design with the lollies and says something about how lame the dad is. The dad ends up eating the lollies he was preparing to give to his wife and presents her with a single lolly on the plate.

I then saw a poster ad outside the shopping centre for the same Natural Confectionary product and it showed two 40 something people enjoying the lollies on a picnic (I think). I couldn’t find any images of this one either but I did come across the Natural Confectionary’s channel on Youtube which seems to have a funny series of clips about the adventures of their products which are youtube only viewing I think. Very cool. Click here to see their channel.

Tonight I saw an ad for a different brand which was Pascall. The ad featured puppets with British accents and was based around the Frog Princess fairy tale but it ends up with “adult” connotations. There are a few ads in this series with the tag line “Lollies For Grown Ups”. I like the one that is based on the youtube smash hit “Charlie candy mountain”.

Click here to see the rest of the Pascall series on their Youtube Channel

So what the heck is going on in lolly marketing land? Since when were lollies for adults and not kids and why have two companies taken that angle at the same time?

I’m guessing that with the focus on kids and health foods these days the companies have to find a new angle to get into the house hold. Adults are more likely to buy “junk food” for themselves than for their kids perhaps. I know that it’s practically illegal to sell lollies in school tuckshops these days which wasn’t the case 10 years ago.

I also think that modern adults are super into “indulgence” and “treating themselves” for the time poor, stressful lives we all lead. Those seem to be the main advertising spins on all types of products these days. Modern adults are also quite in touch with their inner child and that can be seen with the whole “retro” revival and 40 year old men walking around with Mario Bros t-shirts on.

 Very interesting turn in marketing I’m sure you’ll agree.  I think it’s a smart move.

Note to self: Start selling bubble gum aimed at adults. Catch phrase could be “how big are you?” (refering to how big can you blow a bubble).


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