Subway’s brand consistency

5 Jun

When you think of Subway do you think of a fresh, healthy fast food solution? Well thats what they brand themselves as and are run by the Doctor’s Associates.

Something that strikes me as bizzare within their menu offering is the fact that they sell cookies and soft drinks. Honestly, I don’t think they are following their own “lead” sort of speak. Soft drinks and cookies aren’t healthy. That just confuses people about Subways intentions.

I suppose not too many people think as hard about this as I do but now that I have brought this to your attention think about it. Shouldn’t they be selling muesli bars instead of chocolate cookies and juice and water instead of sodas?

From a brand consitancy perspective I believe they should be. However lets cross to the other side of the fence…

A lot of people going to Subway, I imagine, are going there to help themselves eat healthier, maybe not lose weight so much, but eat healthier than McDonalds or a bag of potato chips. So I guess once they choose their sandwich and get to the end of the counter and see the cookies sitting there, tempting them with the cheap price offering, they may cave their diet and think “oh maybe I’ll treat myself since I’m being so good and eating a sandwich that is filled with processed cheese, meat and an array of fatty sauces”. Hence, cookies are purchased.

And I suppose that Coca Cola’s strangle hold on the fast food market would mean in a way that Subway must stock their beverages to keep a strong position in the market place because many people, particularly regular fast food consumers, aren’t going to be easily swayed to drink orange juice over their beloved Coke.

It’s interesting to ponder over the reasons for why they have chosen to not 100% follow the “stay healthy” approach to their company. Perhaps that is why their motto is “Eat Fresh” rather than “Eat Healthy”. For some people Freshness is more of a driver than Healthiness I suppose as well.

Also something I remember seeing on the news a while back was a Subway ad that had subliminal cues in it so you think it’s healthy. I can’t seem to find the ad online but it was the one for the Subway Shuffle and it played the James Brown song “I Feel Good”. Anyway, in the background there was the word “DR.” on a mantlepiece that a guy danced past to cue you to remember that “oh that’s right Subway is a company run by doctors”.

Note to self:  Make some delicious Stone Soup! yeah! Soup thats made from a stone! It helps you to lose weight if you eat it and then go for an hours jog every night and ONLY eat this stone soup. All you need is one stone. Any size stone will do but the bigger ones add more flavour. Add some water and bring to the boil. Put in one diced carrot, one diced celery stick, some cubed potatos, some diced onion, a bit of chicken broth, a pinch of salt and pepper to taste. Spoon into a bowl once the vegetables are cooked and then take the stone out and place in the garden for use next time you want to eat Stone Soup. MMMM Yummy Stone Soup! 😉


One Response to “Subway’s brand consistency”

  1. Karl R. Wood June 5, 2010 at 11:21 am #

    owned by drs associates-yes,i knew that.rather misleading all round.should sell pharmaceuticals/therapeutic goods.More so-‘subway’,should be an entrance to underground railway.bad marketing really-might alienate some who don’t like deviousness. What do you know-i’ve never been in one of their places.I like my own fresh bread rolls with ham,lettuce, tomato, beetroot and cheese.Ah-what a friend we have in cheeses!

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