It’s lady time, why do the ad’s always involve boys?

13 Mar

It’s not really something that I like talking about, it’s not a very lady like thing to discuss… but it’s advertising is interesting.

I like to refer this this phoenomena as “LADY TIME” to be polite and less embarassed. I hope you all catch my drift on the subject matter.

The other day I saw an ad somewhere telling me to go to the Libra website and sign up for a free sample. So I did. I like freebies! I recieved it the other day, opened up the little pack and read this:

“So you’re trying our free sample. That’s great. It mean you’re someone who appreciates a little added extra. And with our new Libra Invisible + aloe vera, that’s precisely what you’ll find..”

GOLD! I think that is great! So yeah, they acknowledge that most people trying this free sample like “value” (getting free things) and so they play to that and state that their product contains extra value now with Aloe! Clever and better than reading “hey there you scab who wanted a free sample wasting our corporate dollars”… which I’m sure they would have prefered to write.

Moving on.

Lady time ads. Why do they all involve boys? And why are they always so quirky. I tell you what, most ladies dont feel so jovial and quirky when Lady Time comes around and they are rolling on the floor in pain!

And that ad where the girl comes home with her parents to meet her new boy friend and they open the door and the boyfriend is robot dancing with pads all over him. WHAT? If I had a boyfriend that did that I’d make him give me the $5 for the pack and dump him! Who does that?

And lets not forget the ad with the girl who asks her boyfriend to pass her a pad. HELLO? DO WOMEN THESE DAYS HAVE NO PRIVACY OR MANNERS? That is so private but the media these companies use makes it seem so “fun” with packs having loud bright colours. I don’t get that either. When you open your bag and there is a bright green thing there for all to see, thats embarassing!

And of course theres the beaver ads, that I’ve got to admit I didn’t understand the connection of before until my American friend was laughing her head off.

My grandma once told me that back in her day ads like this would never ever have been seen and things like this weren’t spoken about. I wonder what will be on TV in 50 years time. I dread to think.

Anyway, I still don’t understand why companies market lady’s products the way they do. Must work though because the comments on these Youtube ads seem pretty positive and strangely enough most of the comments are from boys… who the products are NOT FOR…. so are the advertisements doing their job?

Note to self: do not let a beaver or a boyfriend near my drawers! Also, market Lady Time Products that come with some pain killers in the pack.


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