The Stack is bringing chest hair back! – Short Stack

25 Jan

Yeah you read correctly! The era of perfectly waxed Ken type male stereotypes is over! I put the beginning of it all down to Peter Andres abnormally waxed chest in “Send me A Little Sign Girl” circa 1993. That guy is Greek! You can’t tell me he was born that way and my 7 year old instinct kicked in when my grade 1 classmate raved on and on about how good looking he was. But I digress….

Short Stack are a Aussie band of young dudes who look like they missed the emo boat about 4 years ago. One thing sets them apart. The lead singer, Shaun Diviney, has chest hair! WOW! Now it’s pretty weird for ladies to say WOW to chest hair and nobody has probably said that since the 70’s. But hey, my generation has been numbed of this phenomenon. Men have chest hair…. and are showing  it off!

Back to Short Stack. I think their marketing and imaging crew has done a good job of them considering their musical genre and style was big in 2005 and its 2010. Although, in all honesty they are quite boppy in their tunes and I’m glad some Aussie music is gaining popularity.

I like to think that the marketing people behind them specifically let the lead singer flaunt his chest hair and silenced the urge to send him to the waxers. Isn’t that what marketing is about? Making a product stand out from the crowd? It’s subtle but I think it adds to their mystic and appeal with teen girls looking for manly men types to worship. Or, it’s my twisted sense of humour.

The band members are 20 years old which I find interesting because to me they look a stack (get it) younger… except for the chest hair.

Most women scream and want to gag at the sight of chest hair. Why? Well, because we have been sold Ken doll images in the media for the past 20 years. So dear readers, lets see if this teenage chest hair thing takes off…. if they can grow it.

Note to self :  Create chest hair toupes and market them to young guys. Perhaps include a free eyeliner pencil!


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