Caravans for home renovators

3 Jan

I was at the movies today and there was an ad for a caravan park. Now, normally you’d think that a caravan park would be advertising what a great time you can have on holidays in their park. Well, not this park. They had applied a new spin to themselves “Stay here when you are renovating your house”. Interesting spin isn’t it.

This caravan park is in a rich suburb of Adelaide and so I guess there are a lot of people renovating their million dollar houses in the area and would like to be close by while the workmen construct their marble kitchen benchtops etc, but not in the house as such.

I wonder how well that ad reached people in the cinema and if they will remember it for the next time they are renovating. I think they presented a good use for their caravans that people wouldn’t have otherwise thought about.

Note to self: sell water balloons as flower watering pouches. Simply fill with a tiny bit of water and put over the bottom of your freshly cut flowers to keep them watered!


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