Benefit promotion is beneficial health wise

9 Dec

Do you think about defined health benefits before you buy your bananas? Do you think “oh potassium GREAT! I need some potassium today!” or do you think “oh bananas are on sale and they taste great I’ll buy them” ?

For hundreds of years humans have been eating nutritious oats for breakfast, but only recently have oat companies been promoting the nutrients in the oats. “OATS CONTAIN BETA GLUCAN TO HELP LOWER CHOLESTEROL”. Well done companies! Yes indeedy, Oats can help you lower cholesterol with a balanced diet and this claim is opening shoppers eyes not only to thinking “oh its oats, they are natural, they have to be good for me some how” but by giving them a link. Oats = Beta Glucan = Lower Cholesterol.

Who would have known about Beta Glucan 2 years ago? Excellent benefit promotion.

In my work in the food industy I came across something interesting one day. I was speaking to a lady in a supermarket who was looking for a product with oats to help lower her cholesterol. She picked up a big label brand name product. I pointed her in the direction of a lesser known brand, whos product seemed smaller and whos price was higher. She tried to fobb me off. I pointed out to her the percentage differences in the products. Her cheaper large company product only had 3% oats, where are as the product I was showing her had 8%. Thats a pretty big difference! She should go with the more expensive, yet smaller and lesser known brand product if she is REALLY after the health benefits!

So despite the fact that large companies have a naturally larger advertising budget to promote their product benefits, they are generally not as amazing as they state with low beneficial or “defining” ingredients as they are called.

Fun Fact: Did you know that if a product states an ingredient in the title then the percentage of that ingredient must be listed in the ingredients list? Eg: Honey and Apple Snack Bar. The ingredients would need to say Apple 5%, Honey 3%. The defining ingredient (the ones named in the title) with the greater percentage must be stated first.

There are a lot of wonderful products on the market at the moment with substantial health benefits.

Chia Seed benefits: This little miracle seed is not only gluten free, but has more calcium than milk, more iron than spinach, Omega 3 to promote heart health, antioxidants to make you feel happy and has more magnesium than broccoli! Chia was virtually unheard of  years ago but with recent crops being planted in Western Australia, the popularity is rising.

Acai Berry benefits– This super berry is packed with antioxidants to make you feel happy and to maintain healthy skin. It also contains protein, fibre, both Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids which have been reported to help lower cholesterol and promote heart health. This berry is kind of expensive and there are some juices that you can buy. I get a lot of spam email about Oprah loving Acai Berry. haha

Goji Berry benefits – Another wonder berry! The benefits of Goji Berry are only just becoming known to the average Aussie.  Antioxidants, iron, Vitamin C, Amino acids… this little berry is even beneficial to boost production of human growth hormones! It’s being touted as the most amazing and nutritious food on earth.

Stevia – I love Stevia! It took me a while to get used to the taste but now I love it. Stevia comes from the Stevia plant and is a natural sweetner. You can buy it in tablet, powder or crushed leaf form to put in your coffee or to sweeten cakes etc. No chemicals like artificial sweetener and is great for those controlling sugar intake such as diabetics.

So, promoting health benefits or distinct benefits can certainly build product credibility and create awareness. Of course, in food items, it helps a heck of a lot if the product tastes good!

Note to self: Keep eating chocolate because it has antioxidants! 🙂


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